Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A stitch and NYC

Well back from a fabulous weekend in NYC thanks to my mom and my sister who made it possible. I have never walked that much in my life and Madison was such a trooper keeping up with us. Here's a quick stitch I did. It was a freebie from the Sampler Girl and I started it there and finished it up today. I will probably finish it into a pillow at some point.
 So this is the reason we were in NYC. Madison's birthday present from my parents was to go to the American girl store there. This is Madison in front of the store with her doll and they had their matching dresses on. So cute!!! We had brunch there with other little girls and dolls. We were in a room called the Daisy room. It was adoreable. They have little seats for the dolls and they bring a little tea cup on a saucer for them. The food was very yummy. We then went shopping for Madison and Bella, is her doll's name. She had so much fun. We then went and did more sightseeing.  We went to Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Times Square, Chelsea Market, Bryant Park, St Patrick's Cathedral, the Today Show and probably a few other places I can't think
of at the moment.
 This picture I had to take because my girl loved having her name on a street sign.
 This is part of St Patrick's Cathedral. We went inside and it is just beautiful.
This is Madison,(Bella of course) my sister,  my mom and myself on a buggy ride through Central Park. It was so nice and the weather was great for it. I am amazed that there have been so many movies filmed there. It was so fun!!

Not sure if my husband will let me leave without him again. Last October when I was in Virginia our furnace broke. This time it was our hot water heater. Hmmm! Coincidence!! Still have a fridge and stove that are getting up there.

Welcome to my new followers and I hope to be back next week with something to show.

Happy Stitching!



Erika said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing the exciting details and photos. Welcome to the family, Bella! Tell Tom that as long as he has food and water, nothing else constitutes an emergency (Ha ha!). I would like to tell ALL of your followers to PLEASE enter next year's giveaway---I just received my prizes in the mail and they are FABULOUS! Thank you, Maureen! A card is on its way to thank you!

Carol said...

Oh, I'm sure that is every little girl's dream to go to the American Girl store... Madison looks adorable with her little Bella. So glad you enjoyed the trip and spending time with your family, Maureen :)