Thursday, March 22, 2012

A little of this and that

 Hello all,

I have been inspired by some blogs(Myra to name one) with their project bags so I thought I would play a little bit and came up with this little bag thanks to Myra. I am going to use it for my LHN ornaments. I will kit a few up at a time and keep them in here. I am working on a few different ones so stay tuned.
This is my progress on Blessed and i just adore her. I cannot wait to finish her. She is so adoreable I will probably leave her out all year.

Not much to show for some reason. I am stitching but I just must not be finishing things as quickly as I thought. The weather has been abnormally nice so I have been outside beginning yard work and things. I am usually not doing it this early.

I am off to NYC for the weekend with mom, daughter, and sister. Should be fun and I have a project or 2 with me for the evenings. I have never been so I will be back to show some pictures next week.

Keep your needle to thread and keep stitching!!



Erika said...

Have a blast in New York! The city might never be the same again after all those Martello/Sturtz girls get through with it! :0) I am so impressed with your sewing skills. You are an inspiration!

Carol said...

It's so hard to stay inside and stitch with weather like this! NYC sounds like it will be a great trip--enjoy! Love your little pouch, Maureen--it will come in very handy :)

Terri said...

I love your fabric choice for the pouch, it's gorgeous! And your stitching is coming right along! Have a great trip!!