Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lots to show

 It's been a little while, and I finally have finishing to show. The rest of summer got away  from me but now that school is back in session and the weather is getting cooler, it's time to get serious. First, I've got Roly Poly Snowman. It is from one of the ornament  issues of Just Cross stitch but I am not sure which one. I am ashamed to say that I have had him stitched for  a few years but just didn't get around to finishing him until now.I am quite the amateur when it comes to sewing but I had so much fun finishing these that I just want to do it all the time now. Next, I have these 3 beauties. The pumpkin is Twisted Threads, Liberty is Heart in Hand, and the cute pink one I designed for breast cancer. When we went to the New York State Fair, Madison

picked out a braclet with that saying on it and I wanted to stitch it, so I did. This is the final result and I think it turned out really good. There is a little breast cancer charm on the end also. It is a little hard to see in the picture.

Moving on, I also have these beauties as well.
Bluebird from Blackbird Designs. You may recognize that from my previous post not finished yet. Well now it is finished and I just love it! The three on the right are also from Blackbird from the Stitchers Journey Book. Aren't they so cute! That is my favorite book. I made a sachet with a B on it also which is not in the picture b/c I already gave it to my mom. Pins and Needles is Littlehouse Needleworks. This goes with the Travelling Stitcher which I can't wait to finish also. Again, it is stitched but just needs to be finished. I need to step that up a bit.

Lastly, this turned into more of an experiment. With the lace anyway. I love this design by Lizzie Kate 
 and love the saying. I made it into a little pillow for my stitching room. Since I said I was such an amateur at sewing, I have never sewn lace on before. If the picture looks good then I am satisfied with it. If anyone were to examine it up close. Not so good! For my first try though it's not bad. Practice Makes Perfect!!

I'll leave you with a picture of my little Perry boy. I finally got him to look at me when I took this picture. He usually looks away before it takes the picture.
Even though he is a trouble maker, he's a keeper. He's lucky he's cute!

Happy Stitching! Fall is wonderful!