Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show and Tell

 Hello Friends and welcome to my new followers.

 I have just a few finishes to show. I feel like I have been stitching up a storm but I let everything pile up and then I need to take a break from stitching to finish everything. It's a never ending battle, I tell ya! Anyway, I made up this little guy to add to my snowman collection. He finished up pretty cute and I like his carrot nose.
I also finally finished up these to bookmarks for the 2012 Bookmark Challenge. I have to get going on bookmarks for the next few months because the challenge is in May and I really have to increase my #'s to donate. I think I am around 11. Last year I had 30. So I need to get to work. So many projects so little time! I am sure I am not alone in that. Right?
 Love this! The mermaid scissor case from the Dyeing to Stitch Retreat. You are just seeing the front which is all that is finished so far. It is not a scissor case yet. I am actually going to sew a pocket on the back instead of leaving the top open. I'll show you when I finish it. Hopefully it will come out the way I am envisioning it. I have never done it before.
 I am doing a stitch-a-long with my good friend Erika and my mom. Hopefully another friend will be joining us as well. We are making the Lizzie Kate 6 Fat Men. It is so adorable! I am probably not as far as Erika but it will be done this year and will be hanging on my wall for me to admire next winter. I will keep you updated on its progress.
 I just wanted to end this post with my fabulous Birthday present I received a few weeks ago from my parents. My brother came over today to hang it for us. He is very good at that kind of stuff. If my husband and I hung it, It would probably end up crooked. Isn't it beautious! I love it! I have a few random things in it right now. I guess I have to make my stitching list even bigger and stitch a bunch of smalls to put in there. Then I guess I need smalls for every season or holiday to put in there. Oh Lord! Am I going to busy for the rest of my life!

Thanks for visiting me today! 
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pay It Forward Update

Yeah!! Brenda, Cathy, and Erika are doing the PIF with me. Erika and I are actually exchanging stitching accessories together. She has a stampin up website but not a blog. This is right up her alley as well as mine so I wanted to be sure to include her. I can't wait to start shopping for stitching accessories.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Pay It Forward

My friend Maggee invited me to participate in a PIF and I accepted. How fun! Thank you to Karen for starting such a fun stitchy thing. I love stuff like this. Maggee is going to send me 5 stitching accessories and all I have to do is send 5 stitching accessories to 2 other stitchers within the year and post this on my blog which I am doing now.( Of course!) Simple right! I have asked 2 friends to participate with me. One has accepted. Thank you Brenda! This is going to be so much fun. I have not heard from the other so I will keep you posted. I have also asked another friend (who does not have a blog) if she would like to exchange stitching accessories with me.  This is extra fun to me since I just loooove stitching accessories! Thank You Maggee for thinking of me to ask.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fabulous Birthday

 Well, I am now once again one year older. Since some of my birthday gifts were handmade and stitchy stuff, I wanted to share them. This first one is a cowl made by the hands of my mother. Isn't it just beautiful. She did such a great job on it and it keeps my neck nice and toasty on those cold winter days. Thanks Mom!
These next few were made by the hands of my sister in law, Kacey. The quilted table top for fourth of July. I admired hers one day and she must have heard me. The nice scarf and the pillow which turns into a blanket. Which is a wonderful thing for me since I am cold alot and Madison is going to take ice skating lessons and I am sure I will be cold in there while waiting for her. Love it!!!
This next gift was made by the hands of my good friend Erika. Is this not the sweetest little box ever. I just adore it. Thank you so much Erika!!
 This wonderfully knitted sweater was made by the hands of my Aunt Joanie. It is the sweetest sweater I have ever seen. I noticed it in a Virginia knit shop back in October. Since my Aunt is an avid knitter and has knit ever since I can remember she said she would knit it for my Birthday. Ta Da!!! It's here and so cute. it fits just over  the shoulder and the scalloped edge comes down to the middle of your back. For as small as it is, it is actually quite warm. Another adored gift by me!
Lastly, my mom had picked out a few stitchy things for me. A new pair of scissors for my collection called Tessa. Hazel's Hat pattern with the boot scissors to go with it. Also, the cute pin cushion made out of the Blackbird Designs fabric. My paretns also got me the pottery barn cubby that is on the LHN blog. Can't wait to see that. I am already thinking of small designs to put in there. I also received a few gift cards to Bath and Body and Joann's.

So what a wonderful birthday it was and feel so lucky to have so many caring people in my life!!

Have a Great Evening!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something to share

Happy New Year Everyone!!
I hope everyone had a fun and happy holiday season. This will be a short post today as I don't have much to share. Just my 2nd LHN ornament. Isn't he adoreable! I am not going to finish them all the same. I may not even make them all ornaments. I do want to somehow display them all together at Christmas time. I know I am slow because most people have them all done. One of my goals this year is to stitch more of them and have at least one going at all times. Then by the end of the year we'll see how many are done. I will have to add 12 more to stitch seeing as I will be getting the new ones. I just love each and every one of them. A few other things I am going to be working on this year is the 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate which I am going to start today.(Erika, Have you started yours yet?) I will be working on Cast A Spell by Blackbird Designs. I just love this. What can  I say, I love everything! That is why I have a mountain of stitching that keeps getting higher and higher! I will be doing some small things here and there as well which will be posted on here whenever I finish anything. Some things are stitched in the moment and not planned. I think that's why some things that are planned don't always get done. Does anyone else have that problem? Is there a solution out there? Well I am off to start my 6 Fat Men. I will post my progress.

Happy Stitching My Friends!