Thursday, June 23, 2011

bookmarks and small finish

 I just wanted to share with you the display of the bookmarks donated to my local library. They loved getting them and they are going to be used for the summer reading program. The yellow sign in there mentions the Needle and Thread Stitching for Literacy which is very good. They are in a case right before you go into the library so everyone can see them. it makes me feel good!
A small finish to share. I found this tuck away pillow in the closet and I was making this patriotic eagle. So I left off the border and it fits perfectly in there. I added the buttons for a little extra something. I have been inspired by everyone doing patriotic things so I am starting my own patriotic display. This will be a nice addition to that.

That's all I have today. Have a great weekend! I hope there is some time for everyone to put your needle to thread!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspirational Thought

I don't have any stitching to show yet but I wanted to share something else. I received this from someone from my work and have really enjoyed sharing it. Here it is:

                                             Think before you Speak

Is it          True?

Is it           Helpful?    

Is it          Inspiring?

Is it           Necessary? 

Is it          Kind?  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great weekend !


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surprise Stash

I just wanted to share with you all some stash that I received from one of my mom's friends. These 3 pieces I found in the bag. Can you believe it! Look how much stitching is done on bambi. I can't even imagine not finishing this cute piece. It is almost done and I haven't stitched any of it.
The next one is a needlepoint square that will make an awesome bookmark for the 2012 Bookmark Challenge.

The last one was the 3 stockings which I would love to make into ornaments. However, there was no pattern with them and I know they are not finished. Does anyone have any idea what pattern it is or how I can find out? I would love to finish them up and give them a purpose.

That's it for today!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New wine charms

Just wanted to let you all know that I have 2  new sets of wine charms. I have updated my accessories etc. to show these. The one on the right is great for summer and the one on the left is great for anytime. They have a message on them. It's hard to see so they are: Live, Laugh, Play, Grow. Aren't they so cute!

Have a great day!