Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fabulous Birthday

 Well, I am now once again one year older. Since some of my birthday gifts were handmade and stitchy stuff, I wanted to share them. This first one is a cowl made by the hands of my mother. Isn't it just beautiful. She did such a great job on it and it keeps my neck nice and toasty on those cold winter days. Thanks Mom!
These next few were made by the hands of my sister in law, Kacey. The quilted table top for fourth of July. I admired hers one day and she must have heard me. The nice scarf and the pillow which turns into a blanket. Which is a wonderful thing for me since I am cold alot and Madison is going to take ice skating lessons and I am sure I will be cold in there while waiting for her. Love it!!!
This next gift was made by the hands of my good friend Erika. Is this not the sweetest little box ever. I just adore it. Thank you so much Erika!!
 This wonderfully knitted sweater was made by the hands of my Aunt Joanie. It is the sweetest sweater I have ever seen. I noticed it in a Virginia knit shop back in October. Since my Aunt is an avid knitter and has knit ever since I can remember she said she would knit it for my Birthday. Ta Da!!! It's here and so cute. it fits just over  the shoulder and the scalloped edge comes down to the middle of your back. For as small as it is, it is actually quite warm. Another adored gift by me!
Lastly, my mom had picked out a few stitchy things for me. A new pair of scissors for my collection called Tessa. Hazel's Hat pattern with the boot scissors to go with it. Also, the cute pin cushion made out of the Blackbird Designs fabric. My paretns also got me the pottery barn cubby that is on the LHN blog. Can't wait to see that. I am already thinking of small designs to put in there. I also received a few gift cards to Bath and Body and Joann's.

So what a wonderful birthday it was and feel so lucky to have so many caring people in my life!!

Have a Great Evening!!



Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Maureen!!!

What WONDERFUL birthday gifts you received and such wonderful looking knitted gifts that some of them were!!!

I hope your birthday will be just be filled with such wonderful memories!

Maggee said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you spent time with family--my favorite thing for special occasions! Lovely presents all... Hugs to you!

pj said...

Happy Birthday Maureen! It looks like you got some great gifts! I love that Cubbie too and have looked at it a few times. Be sure to update us with your choices in decorating it.

pam in iowa