Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vacation and a Finish

 Hello Friends,

I am back from a fabulous vacatin in Mrytle Beach. So fabulous that it was very hard to come home knowing I had to go back to work. Here are a few pictures to show. Not too many as I don't want to bore anyone. This is the family picture someone took of us.

The next one is a picture of the sunrise. I love taking these. I also love taking pictures of the moon. There was one night the moon looked absolutely gorgeous on the water but alas... that one did not come out. Maybe next time.

There is this place called Broadway on the Beach. Anyone been there? I love it and this upside down house is a new exhibit they have. We didn't go in this visit bur I took a picture because I thought it looked pretty cool.

We found out while we were there that a friend of my husband's whom we haven't seen in about 13 years was about 15 minutes away from us. His family rented a house so we tookk an afternoon and went to visit them. We had a really good time. We talked while the kids played.
They have twin girls the same age as Madison so
they had a good time.
Anyway this little guy was nesting in a flower pot at the house they rented. I couldn't resist a picture. Isn't she so cute? You could get right up next to her and she didn't fly away but she did watch you very closely.
I did manage a little stitching while I was away and finished these darling flip flops by Sam Sarah. I just love them. I also started Lizzie Kate's Life's a Beach Kit from last year. I'll show that when I am finished.

That's it for now! Hope it is all getting warmer where you are. It's a little chilly in New York today. Now I am spoiled since being somplace warm. It better warm up soon!

Happy Spring Stitching!!



Erika said...

What a great blog entry! You are such a beach girl...yet another reason to move to Virginia! :0) I'm so glad that you had a relaxing vacation...you deserve it! I absolutely love the piece at the top of your blog---it's gorgeous! Did you finish it? I'm going to write you a letter soon. Hug Madison for me!

Carol said...

I've never been to Myrtle Beach, Maureen, but your photos sure make it look tempting!! Love that upside down house--what fun :) Glad you had such a great trip and a safe journey home...