Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Baaaack!!!

 Hello all,

Well, finally I am back! I have been with out a computer for a few weeks. Got a new one which I love and is so much better than the old one. Which was actually pretty old. I have found that things I couldn't do with the old one I now can with the new one and I am loving it! Now I don't have alot to show. being without a computer you would have thought I was stitching more and would have alot more done. But that was not the case! Anyway, here is what have .I finally finished Madison's  teacher's gift. just in the nick of time since next Tuesday is the last day of school. I stitched on the back
Love Madsion and the year. The pattern actually said teacher
but I put her name instead and coinciently it was the same number of letters.
 I had found a pattern in an old magazine for this little cutie. It's a corner bookmark! Isn't it just so adoreable! I just love how it turned out. The pattern the magazine had was blah! so I found this motif in my Stitcher's Journey book. I added my initial and Viola!! It's so cute it makes me want to make more. As gifts perhaps....Hmm...
The wheels are turning!
My Pay It Forwards are coming to a close. I will be sending those out by the end of this week. I received this lovely package of goodies from my good friend Erika. Thanks again Erika! There is a very useful tape measure (which I never have enough of), a stressball, a very pretty pin with the hospitality symbol for Va on it (which is the pineapple), a thread catcher that she made ( one can never have too many of these either) and a tool I can use for finishing called the purple thang. I can already think of 110 uses for each and everyone of these.

More to come since I am a little behind since not having a computer
But that is all I have for today. I need to get myself a little more organized.
Not quite sure why that is, I am usually very organized. Could be some distractions. We have some critter problems. Mice which my husband has found around the yard because he had put poison out. A skunk (YIKES!) which has been tearing up the lawn. He has been coming out when it is still light out. What's up with that! That freaks me out even more! When I take the dog out before I turn in I make sure I am very aware of my surrounding and I make it fast. Lastly, Madison has a little gold finch pecking at her window. Now he's cute. I don't mind him at all. In fact I stand there and watch him because he is so darn cute!

Ok that's it for today. Seriously, I am going now!
Have a great rest of the week!



Erika said...

Yay! Welcome back! And congratulations on the fancy new computer! I love the bookmarks...the corner one is so clever! Did you sew it yourself or is it premade?
Tell Madison that I say Happy Summer! It looks like the Flip Flop Days are here! :0)
So glad you liked the PIFs!

Carol said...

Yay for a new computer!! I'm sure it's a huge improvement and will make your life much easier...

Your teacher gift and corner bookmark are so cute!! What a great gift idea!

Hope your daughter enjoys her last few days of school--I'll bet it's hard to believe another year is over! They do grow up way too fast :)