Sunday, November 27, 2011

A few finishes

 Hello all,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent some time with family. I thought this was going to be a super quick post but I uploaded more pictures than I thought. First I have this little princess pillow which I made for my little princess who will be turning 8 years old on Friday. This pattern was inspired by her.
 The next two are are some ornament finishes. My last post are the ornaments unfinished.  the tree and Jolly are the two finshed ones. I still have a few more to finish which I will probably post next week.(hopefully!) These will both look nice in my Christmas decorated home.

This last photo is not very stitchy but I wanted to show it anyway. I follow this blog called sew many ways. Maybe some of you follow it too. Karen has such great ideas and uses for everything. I made this little wreath for my table. The base of it is the plastic part of the top of a candle jar. I added the bow and the little votive and now I have a cute mini wreath. The glass part of the top I use for a tea light. She is so clever. You can check out her ideas at:

I will be back next week with some stitchy goodness! Have a stitch filled week!



Cathy B said...

Hi Maureen! Your stitching and decorating are great. I especially love the stockings in your blog header! Awesome!

Erika said...

Hey there! Wow, you are so inspiring! Today is your princess's birthday, and my card is going in the mail tomorrow. Oh well, I think princesses like to celebrate longer than just one day, don't they? Thanks for the link to the other blog, although nothing will ever replace yours!!! Love, Erika