Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Stitching

 Hello everyone,

I am sorry to say that I love summer stitching but in the summer it is hard to find alot of time to do it when there is so many other things to do. Taking small trips and getting ready for a garage sale. It also being so HOT!! It really zaps one's energy. I do have a few small things to show. 2 of them I designed myself and finshed them. This is a bookmark I made out of a needlepoint square that was given to me from a stash cleanout. It now has a purpose in life.

This next one I designed and finished in honor of Caylee Anthony. When I saw that little girl's face in the  paper my heart just broke. I made this to honor her because I feel a terrible injustice has been done to her and its awful that someone so innocent had to suffer so harshly. I hope one day justice prevails!!
On a happier note, I made this little design to remember our family trip to Virginia Beach last April. ( I am a little behind on this one but better late than never.) I put a dolphin charm on it because when I think of Virginia Beach, I think of dolphins. Love it!!! I love the beach so much one of these days I may not come home.

That's it for now. These next few weeks is jam packed so I am not sure how much stitching will be done but I definitely will squeeze in as much as I can. Enjoy the nice weather wherever you are!


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