Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday stitch and orts


I wanted to share with you the boomark I stitched for my Dad for his 70th Birthday which is on April 29th.  I am going to put a made with love charm at the top and I just have to find fabric for the back. It should be an easy finish. It stitched up pretty quick. I hope he likes it!

Next up is this small ort jar I stitched up and finished
Each month I plan on putting my orts in here.
 The picture didn't come out to well of the trim. I actually dyed some ric rac and put a button on the front. i know it is hard to see. Maybe I'll take another picture later of that. The next picture you can see I actually stitched some orts to the top. I thought that turned out pretty cute.
 Lastly, I am showing you my large ort jar. This is where they all get dumped. I'll use more for the birds next spring for their nests. In the meantime, I like to look at all the differnt colors I have used for various projects.
Anyone notice the Dyeing to Stitch bag in the background. Projects are packed in it for my trip. I plan on visiting Dyeing to Stitch in my travels. It is one of my favorite shops. How would I be able to live with myself if I didn't? The horror of such a thought!!
I should have stitching to show you when I get back from a well deserved vacation. Till then I hope everyone has a good week and that the weather starts warming up for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

Happy Spring Stitching!


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JenFW said...

We need to find and photograph a nest made with orts. Wouldn't that be cool?