Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bookmarks and a finish

I finished these bookmarks today for the 2011
Bookmark Challenge. Please check out I am always looking for help in making bookmarks and I collect them all year. If you can make a bookmark(or 2, or even 3 maybe) to donate to a library or school for a reading program please let me know. Every effort is very much appreciated.

I finished this oldie but goodie by Linda Stitely, I believe. Who remembers these? I don't see them too often anymore. I wish I could do more because it was such a quick stitch and a good start for my patriotic collection.Very sweet!

I will be back when I have something to show!



JenFW said...
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JenFW said...

I love your Dream bookmark! Well, I love them all, but I never did anything else with that card stock backing, and you make me want to return to it.

That's an awesome picture of your stitcher in the making.

I'm a little clueless about this "following" stuff. I'm following you with my FW Twitter account, commenting here with my Google account, and making neither heads nor tails of this on any account!